The health benefits of eating fermented foods are vast. There are many components to a fermented vegetable product like ours. You have the quality of the salt, the freshness and quality of the vegetables, herbs and the levels of beneficial bacterias, enzymes and acids.  All of these areas contain health benefiting properties for your body. Whether it’s the trace minerals and alkalinity from the salt or vitamins from the veggies or lactobacillus and lactic acids, consuming naturally fermented foods without vinegar is a good way of balancing  your food intake.

Here is some of the latest data on health promoting properties of fermented foods:


Himalayan Pink Salt

Contains all the trace minerals that your body needs to perform at it’s best. These trace minerals are electrolytes for your cells to chow down on and increase your bodies ability to hold water and flush toxins from it’s cells.  The alkalinity of Himalayan Pink Salt is second to none. MOst foods today are very acidic and pink salt helps balance out your bodies pH through it’s alkalinity.  The body needs salt, there has been a general belief that salt is bad for you and like many things consumed in over abundance, it can be bad for you. None the less, we need salt in our bodies daily for many reasons.Salt will literally move toxins out of your cells.  The right amount of salt in your diet will regulate your blood pressure and improve your circulation.  All this being said it is very important to be aware of your actual salt intake and be aware of the type of salt you are consuming. Processed or refined salt is very bad for you and has detrimental effects on the body, there is no argument here.