Our Farms

Oregon Brineworks naturally fermented pickles, garlic dills, beets, beans, kvass, kraut, slaws and more from local organic farms. Raw, pro-biotic, no vinegar.

Our Mission

Here at Oregon Brineworks we strive to create top quality, organic,  lacto-fermented vegetables that contribute to the health and well being of our customers as well as bolstering and contributing to the vitality of our regional food shed. Our main ingredients are sourced from organic farms within our region to make sure our business is interconnected to our regional food system We aim to create absolutely delicious side-dishes, snacks, and condiments that knocks the socks off your taste buds, and just so happen to be ridiculously healthy for you. We have a passion for delicious food and we romanticize the olden days of eating real food before our fast food nation came into full effect. This has led us in the direction of re creating genuine, authentic recipes of fermented foods that have been aiding us in digestion for centuries around the world in many cultures. 

Our Philosophy

A pickle a day keeps the doctor away! Can you believe it?  A core belief of integrative nutrition recognizes that digestive dysfunction is at the root of most illnesses. America’s industrialized food culture creates foods that wreak havoc on our bodies and are void of whole nutrition. Through the method of traditional fermentation, we provide a delicious, food based alternative that benefits the digestive health of all people, young to old and healthy to ill. By utilizing the annual production of local organic farmers we can preserve the year’s harvest in a healthy way and allow you to eat that local food throughout the year. We make pickles in the summer when it is our local cucumber season and we make our “Krauts” in the Fall and Winter when cabbage and our root crops are in their prime. This keeps us busy year round and allows us to utilize the freshest, most seasonal ingredients possible so that we can create the highest quality pickles and sauerkrauts available. 

Our Story

Brian and Connie Shaw met while running an organic farm.  Their passion for produce, farming and the big outdoors quickly united the duo.  Together they continue to hone their life skills, learning what it takes to truly contribute to a community, while also becoming more self-reliant and leaving less of a footprint on the land from which we thrive. Our pursuit of healthy living defines our choices and has led us down this path of creating a natural fermentation business. We are passionate about our quest for creating delicious, healthy foods from produce grown within our region. We created Oregon Brineworks to directly contribute to our regional food system and to provide a reliable outlet for local organic farmers. We want to bolster our food economy and make local foods healthier and more accessible on a year round basis. We live on an organic farm in Hood River Oregon where we grow a plethora of perennial fruit and annual vegetable gardens.  Come visit us at our farm or come check out our fermentation operation up in the Hood River Valley.  We look forward to sharing our healthy, fermented foods with you all.

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