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“Love the Beet Kvass and Sauerüben! Mmmm good and good for you…”

Christy Diemer
Reviewed March 31, 2014


Our lives these days are best described as fermenters of organic, regional produce through the natural fermentation method.  We use techniques that have been used for centuries to preserve our annual harvest in the healthiest way possible. Our process is simple, yet artistic, we aim to create fabulous flavors out of our fresh ferments and deliver pro biotic bacteria right to your belly where you need it the most. Brines have been used forever to preserve food, only lately have we begun to unearth the health benefits of vegetable brines using Himalayan Pink Salt which is very healthy for your body with it’s alkalinity and trace minerals. Like us, our handcrafted, naturally fermented foods are full of life. Teeming with pro biotic bacteria called lactobacillus, our raw foods support digestive health, increase immune function and cleanse the body through natural detoxification.

Our products can be found in grocery stores, coops, restaurants, buying clubs, CSA’s, farm stands and online. We believe in utilizing the most local, freshest ingredients we can get our hands on and that means that occasionally we have a limited season of producing certain ferments and therefore a limited supply annually of some items, like the pickles and hot sauce.

To make our Pickles, we only use cucumbers grown within 150 miles of our fermentery for a few reasons. We have a great relationship with the farmers that grow our cucumbers and they do an incredible job growing the best pickling cucumbers for fermentation. It is so important to turn the cucumbers into pickles within a few days of harvest. If cucumbers show up to our fermentery a little soft, there is no way that the fermentation process can make them crunchy again and therefore we would have not so crunchy pickles and that would be unacceptable.

So, we made the hard choice to only use locally grown cukes and that means that we need to make a year’s supply of pickle jars in 3 months time.  This means that it’s all hands on deck and we are doing our best to make 3,000 jars per week of pickles in July, August and September so that we can have our Garlic and Spicy pickles available until the following cucumber season here in the Pacific Northwest.

As we grow, and our products are on more and more shelves in more and more locations, we hope that you keep this in mind if you come into your favorite natural foods store and they are sold out of our pickles. Eating items that are in season and grown locally takes more effort and awareness and we are thankful for the conscious consumers out there.