Oregon Brineworks, Naturally Fermented Foods from Local Organic Family Farms

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Let us introduce ourselves.

We are farmers, loving life and working hard in Hood River, Oregon. Our passion for healthy, natural living is reflected in all of our products. Like us, our handcrafted, naturally fermented foods are full of life. Teeming with probiotic, lactic acid-producing bacteria called lactobacillus, our living foods support digestive health, increase immune function and cleanse the body through natural detoxification.

This ancient art of fermenting foods allows us to capture the essence of each season and preserve it for great tasting, year-round culinary pleasure. After enjoying our fermented vegetables, you will be instantly satisfied from taste buds to tummy.

Thank you for purchasing our products. By doing so, you are supporting our regional food system. All the vegetables packed within these jars are grown, fermented and sold within Oregon and Washington. Let’s raise a pickle to a long and lasting relationship.

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